Welcome to yianni.biz

I cut lawns, trim hedges and effect general garden taming and whilst not claiming to be a professional topiarist, bush trimming is my speciality...!!!

An example of my lawn work is the below client garden as maintained by yours truly.


Here are some before and after examples of Garden Taming jobs I have done

Image Image Image Image

And here's a bit of Bush Trimming

Image Image Image Image

If you want something similar done to your garden please contact me at yianni at yianni.biz or call me on 07532 434 332 between the hours of 9.00am and 6.00pm to arrange a quote.

My other business activities include:

1. SME Corporate and Financial Administration,

2. Property Landlord, Management and Maintenance,

3. Basic Painting and Decorating, and

4. Charity Fundraising as below.

See my LinkedIn page for my full career background: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/yianni-papas/5/770/546(external link)

I thank you for your interest in my site, an expanded version of which will be ready soon.

Yianni Papas

P.S. If you're feeling generous please go to http://mobro.co/Yianni(external link) or justgiving.com(external link) and donate as much as you can...


Many Thanks !!!